Monday Motivation 009

A new week means new workouts! Join me in this week’s workouts so that we can kick ourselves into tip top shape! Remember, click on the words that are by the bullet point to go onto the workout video.

Today Monday October 31; Happy Halloween!

Looking Ahead:

Tuesday November 1, 2016

Wednesday November 2, 2016

Thursday November 3, 2016

Friday November 4, 2016

Saturday November 5, 2016

Sunday November 6, 2016

Tips & Tricks

  • Always remember to stay hydrated during and after a workout
  • If you ever feel like the workout is too much, pause the video, take a break, take a few deep breaths and the continue
  • If you feel as though one video isn’t enough, repeat the video until you feel like you’ve worked to your full potential
  • Try and aim to do at least 3 videos a week more than one time as a challenge to yourself
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch

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