October Favorites

Feels like just yesterday I was writing my September Favorites and now I’m already sharing with you what I enjoyed for the month of October. Below are some of the items I’ve been enjoying this month. I hope you share with me what you’ve liked in the comments.


 Maple Brown Sugar Candle

Personally, candles make the atmosphere feel very warm and cozy which is the perfect kind of mood you want for autumn. Lately, I’ve been reaching for the Maple Brown Sugar candle that I bought at Boscov’s on sale for $7.99; usually the price is $14.99. I’ve really enjoyed this scent because I love the smell of maple and love the smell of brown sugar so mixing them together is simply perfect.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Mist

Autumn is the time of year for cinnamon and for pumpkin scents all around. Often times I would pick Cinnamon Pumpkin not as a body mist but for a candle. With that being said, I went into Bath & Body Works a while ago and picked up this scented mist; which for me is shocking because I normally don’t stray away from my regular coconut and vanilla scent! I’ve definitely been loving this scent because it’s sweet and warm all at the same time.




In October I went apple picking, I picked up a lot of apples…by a lot I mean 12 pounds worth of apples. Although I used most of the apples for things like apple cider and apple pie; I did have a couple to eat on my own and I’ve been loving it! Not only are apples healthy but you can use them in tons of treats like baked apples, apple cupcakes and caramel apples.


Fall Activities:

Pumpkin Picking/Carving

I was very festive this month when it came to doing fall like activities. One of the autumn activities I did this month was pumpkin picking and carving. Pumpkin picking was fun because you got to pick from hundreds of pumpkins of all shapes, colors and sizes. After pumpkin picking not only did I make a pumpkin pie but I also carved a pumpkin and painted one too.


Corn Maze

Although it may have been a bit chilly and I walked in plenty of circles, the corn maze was definitely one of my favorite things that I did this month.

Apple Picking

I came across tons and tons of apples this month at Battleview Orchard in Freehold. Not only did I learn about new apples that I never knew existed but I also had such a lovely time going around and harvesting my own apples.


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