Philadelphia Bus Ride

Hey hey! Hopefully you’re keeping up with this month’s Saturday posts because I’ve been talking about the Philadelphia CityPass I recently did on my trip to Philadelphia. The first Saturday I spoke and showed photos about my trip to the Philadelphia Zoo, last Saturday I spoke about my adventure around the Franklin Science Museum and today I will be talking about the Philadelphia Bus Ride!

Basically, this bus is a double decker bus of fun! The bus brings you around Philadelphia and stops at several stops. This bus is an on & off bus so you can get on and off as many times as you’d like to experience any of the stops that the bus stops at. As you cruise along Philadelphia there is a friendly tour guide explaining all of the history of Philadelphia, mentioning buildings, people and sculptures. If you really want an overall feel and look of Philly or if you’re very interested in history, I would definitely recommend this bus! Oh and sit at the top for an amazing view and some fresh air.


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