Birthday Boy

My boyfriend had a birthday recently and of course I got him a gift. The gift I got for him was a one night stay at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City. I got him the king jetted tub room which he loved; I got him this room because he’s been wanting to get in a hot tub for ages now.

Our day:

We left around 10:30 to head towards Princeton to go to Jammin’ Crepes for lunch. I ordered the sweet nut-cho-tella and my boyfriend ordered the yum savory cheese melty. Although I love my sweet crepe, his crepe was delicious and I definitely plan on getting it next time. After we ate at Jammin’ Crepes we decided we wanted a coffee so went to Rojo’s Roastery where we were MASSIVELY disappointed. Once we entered this place we noticed they had lattes which was perfect because we wanted vanilla lattes, however, this place has no flavors…so there goes the vanilla latte idea! We didn’t mind too much, we decided to get a regular latte. The design on the latte was gorgeous and the taste was absolutely horrible; no amount of sugar could fix the bitter awful taste of this coffee. We tried to drink as much of the coffee as we could but we decided throwing it out and getting Starbucks was our best choice. We then went to House of Cupcakes in Princeton and once again we were disappointed. House of Cupcakes is a food network winner therefore you’d think this would look lovely and jazzed out however it looked a bit dodgy and smelled a little funky, not to mention the cupcakes were out on shelves with no covers. We tried the Dulce de Leche cupcake which was soft, moist and taste great but I will say, it wasn’t anything that special.

After our Princeton trip we decided to head over to Atlantic City. We walked the boardwalk and looked at the beach then decided to check in. At check in we deceived two complimentary drinks (the drinks were part of the room package). We then got to our room and immediately decided we wanted to have a bubble bath. We turned on the jetted tub and watched Below Deck while relaxing in the jetted tub. We got out, took a shower, got dressed and had dinner at The Twenties in the hotel we were staying at. We did the 3 course prefix meal for $30. We both got calamari, NY strip steak and the chocolate cake. I loved the calamari and streak wasn’t a fake of the chocolate cake or the drizzle it came with. We then gambled for a bit and headed back to the room for a movie and the jetted tub again!

My boyfriend loved his birthday gift so I would definitely recommend it for anyone who is looking for a gift to give someone close to them.


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