Philadelphia Museum

If you read last Saturday’s post then you’ll know that I recently took a trip to Philadelphia. In last Saturday’s blog post I also mentioned how before visiting Philadelphia I decided to purchase a CityPass because I knew I could experience more of Philadelphia while saving money. One of the attractions on the CityPass was The Franklin Institute Science Museum. I can honestly say that I have never been to a museum quite like this one. This museum stands apart from any other because it’s interactive! Yes, that’s right, interactive!! Normally, when you visit a museum there are guards on duty constantly watching assuring that no one touches the precious artwork, however this museum couldn’t be further from that. In every section of the museum there is something new to learn and an interactive activity to do that goes along with that section of the museum. Whether it’s walking through a heart or turning a wheel to make electricity there is tons of fun for people of all ages. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone looking for weekend plans or a place to take their children.


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