Battleview Orchards

Fall doesn’t seem like fall unless you do some fall like activities such as apple picking! Recently for the very first time in my 22 years of living, I’ve gone apple picking. In New Jersey there are plenty of orchards and farms to choose from, I decided to go to Battleview Orchards in Freehold, NJ and boy was I happy I did! Once we arrived to the orchard there were plenty of people there ready with their bags and buckets to collect the best apples. We received instructions that we were to take a pale and that apples were 1.49 per pound. I know that may seem quite steep for apples since you can get them for .99 cents a pound however, the place does need to make a profit somehow! We got our buckets and began to walk through the orchards only to find a bunch of apples we’ve never even heard of such as winesap, jonathan, jonagold and the list goes on.

Overall, I had a great time picking out my fresh apples. I’ve created a new memory and new tradition too. If you’ve never gone apple picking I would definitely recommend it. Oh and by the way, don’t be a fool like me and wear Toms or shoes made of fabric, they will get wet and mushy if it’s been raining. Instead, opt for a rain boot.



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