Jammin’ Crepes

Yumm yummy crepes in my tummy tummy! My best friend and I took a trip to Jammin’ Crepes in Princeton, NJ and we absolutely fell in love with the vibe and the food of this place.

Jammin’ Crepes is very warm and cozy. Once you enter on your left you can see a wall of shelves filled with homemade jams and pickled vegetables. If you look up you’ll see the menu written out in chalk for that warm country feeling. This type of place is run very easily and efficiently. First you walk in, order at the counter and then you’re given a place holder and you get to pick where you wish to sit. Once your food is made the waiter comes out and gives you the food at your table. The kitchen is visible from the sitting area so you can actually see your crepe getting made. Overall it’s such a lovely cozy place to eat.

When I went I ordered the Nut-Cho-Tella which is a crepe filed with freshly roasted hazelnuts & almonds grounded into a creamy chocolate spread. To drink I ordered the tropical tea which was amazing! My best friend ordered the Fruit-Tella which is Jammin’ Crepes signature nut-cho-tella with your choice of season jam.

I must say, I absolutely LOVE this place and cannot wait to go again.


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