Motivation Monday 003

Hello there! Monday has come again and you know what that means, a weekly workout plan and some motivation! If you’ve been keeping up with my September blog posts then you’ll know that I’m doing a Motivation Monday each week to motivate you to do a workout each day. I’m currently doing an ab challenge which takes part of the workouts each day and I add quick and easy videos to go along each day. I want everyone who tries these workouts to remember that they can repeat the videos as many times as they want till they feel they have sweated and worked out enough for the day. Don’t give up and keep on going!

Today Monday, September 19th

Looking ahead:

Tuesday, September 20th

Wednesday, September 21st

Thursday, September 22nd

  • 120 crunches
  • 48 leg raises
  • 115 second plank
  • 15 minute walk

Friday, September 23rd

Saturday, September 24th

  • 130 crunches
  • 52 leg raises
  • 125 second plank
  • 20 minute walk

Sunday, September 25th – “Rest Day”

  • 135 crunches
  • 54 leg raises
  • 130 second plank


This week is definitely a tougher week because our ab challenge is getting more difficult but we can do it!



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