Bath & Body Works Haul – Fresh Mists

Hello there! Recently I received an email from Bath& Body Works that mentioned a sale and well, who on earth can resist a good sale?! I went online and checked out what exactly was for sale and became a bit bummed when I noticed it wasn’t their candles (I am in love with their candles). The items on sale were their fragrance mists. Now, I am quite a fan of mists because they don’t tend to be as overpowering as perfumes however, I don’t normally, well ever, change my fragrance scent because I am obsessed with my Victoria Secret Coconut Passion mist. Although I am not a fan of change, I did think it was time to branch out and so I did! I decided to purchase a bunch of different scents and today I will share with you 3 of the fresh mists I purchased.

Sweet Pea

Although ordering online, I already knew what Sweet Pea smelled like because I own hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works with this scent. Once it arrived I didn’t need to smell it to make sure I liked it, but I did anyways because it’s oh so fresh and light. Bath & Body Works describes this scent as “A bright, young-at-heart blend of sweet pea, watery pear & luscious raspberry.” I would highly recommend this fragrance and I’m not only saying that because I’ve received several compliments on it already but because it really is just a light lovely fresh scent.

Mango Mandarin

Now, I’ve never had anything that smelled of mango other than a mango itself so I was pretty curious how this would be as a mist and well I absolutely love it! Bath & Body Works describes it as “Luscious, juicy mango and mandarin orange mingle with energizing citrus.” I must definitely say that this scent is perfect for early summer mornings where you just want to smell fresh and lively.

Pretty as a Peach

Eating peaches is great but what about smelling of peaches? Well, that’s great too! “Fresh. Juicy. Oh so pretty. Life’s never been peachier!” is how Bath & Body Works would describe this smell and I completely agree. Once again, this is a very fresh scent which is perfect for the day time when you may not want to wear anything too heavy. This mist is great if you’re going to the beach and want to smell lively or even if you’re going to work.

I hope you enjoyed this post and go to Bath & Body Works to purchase new fragrances! Stay tuned for my second part of this haul coming soon! 



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