A Day in Soho

Hey all you beautiful readers! Thinking of taking a trip into New York but getting bored of Times Square? I don’t blame you! New York is massive and there is definitely tons to see and do. Today I want to share with you my trip to Soho. Soho is known for it’s variety in luxury stores such as Dior, Chanel and Ralph Lauren as well as lower end stores like H&M, Forever 21 and many others. The architecture of Soho differs greatly from what is typically seen in Times Square. Soho has a more traditional style, the buildings almost remind me of my time spent in Europe. I love the style of the apartments as well as the overall clean and authentic style of many of the stores found here.

While strolling through Soho my best friend and I sure got hungry and therefore we went into Little Italy. We went there mainly because we love how cute and Italian it feels and because we wanted this restaurant we tried once and loved! We sat down at the restaurant were given our very yummy bread with a side of oil and cool refreshing water in a glass bottle then when the time came, our pizza came out and it was delicious! We ate our food then grabbed some gelato and continued to walk around Little Italy, Chinatown and Soho discovering amazing places and cool artwork! I would definitely recommend a trip to the city if you’re near by!


12 thoughts on “A Day in Soho

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