Hobby Lobby Haul

Hello there everyone! So, so far I’ve spent all of August redoing and redecorating my basement; it’s definitely been taking up a lot of my time and has been lots of hard work. However, it’s very rewarding to have a space that’s fresh and new. My favorite part about redoing a room is definitely decorating. With that being said, I decided to go to my local Hobby Lobby, which I had never been to but have been dying to step foot in. I found some great pieces for 50% off!!! Yes, 50% off!! I will be displaying these new decorations on the mantels of the steps that lead to my newly designed basement.

Leafy Frame

I purchased two of these frames that have a white plastic frame and a golden metallic leaf as the picture. These frames were originally priced at $15.99 each but since it was 50% off I got them for about $8 each!

Elephant Frame

While shopping around I also noticed this cute little elephant picture with a wooden frame and I couldn’t resist! This frame and photo set was also $15.99 but since it was 50% I got it for $8.

Golden Lanterns

These tiny golden lanterns have a thin silver medal strap and are quite bumping adding a 3D effect to the overall lantern. The original price of these lanterns was $5.99 each. Once again this home decor was 50% off and therefore I got them for $3 each.

Big Golden Vase

Finally I got this big golden vase that looks quite similar to the little lanterns; however instead of the stud effect popping out it dents inward. This base was priced st $21.99,  I got it for $11 since it was on sale!

Hope you enjoyed my haul and if you have a Hobby Lobby near you I definitely recommend going there because they have so many nice decorations and DIY things!


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