Portugal Trip – Beachy

Hello everyone! If you’ve read my Portugal Trip – Village blog post you’ll know that in 2012 I went to Portugal for the first time ever to meet my family! I was 18 and I got a major culture shock when I went into the village areas. However, as I said in my previous post, I didn’t spend all three weeks in Portugal in the villages, I also went to more modern towns and beachy areas. Now, I love the beach and beach towns! I feel as though they are always so bright, colorful and filled with joy! I’m also really into lakes which is another place we went in Portugal. Today, I’ll be sharing photos of my trip to Algarve, Portugal as well as a small lake in Northern Portugal. Hope you enjoy my photos! In the comment section let me know if you’ve been to Algarve or anywhere in Portugal! Also let me know of any other amazing places you’ve visited or wish to visit.

Stairs of doom we had to face every day many times a day

Made of sand!! Can you believe it?


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