Date Night

It’s super easy to fall into the same routine for date night. Dinner & a movie? Yeah, we’ve all done that and it can become quite boring and routine like. Why not spice things up and make a bit of a change to keep things fun?


Whether you’re quite the artist yourself or not, painting is a great way to spend some time with your lover. Truthfully, you can do this at home by going to your local Michael’s and getting some canvas’, paint and brushes then you can go home, sketch or trace what you want and then spend the night painting. However, if you don’t think you’re skilled enough to transfer traces or not so great at sketching you can go to an art class such as ArteVino or Wine & Design. At studios such as ArteVino, the tracing paper is already on the canvas, you have to just trace it then follow the instructions to paint. The fun thing about these types of classes is that you can sip on some wine and enjoy great laughs.

Build a Fort

I don’t care how old you may be, you’re never too old for a nice cozy fort. Build a fort with lots of blankets and pillows, if you’re really creative and wild you may go ahead and get some fairy lights, also known as christmas lights, to spice things up and make it look even prettier or pintrest like. Grab a movie, some snacks and enjoy your lovely fort for the night.

Game Night

Board games, card games, any games are tons of fun. Have a bit of a competitive night by playing a series of games to see who dominates the game night. Enjoy these games with some beer, wine or cocktails of your choice just to keep it a bit more fun.

A Walk on the Boardwalk

Whether you live near the beach or not you can always take a trip to the beach. A fun way to spend an evening is by driving down to the beach and walking on the boardwalk; play some boardwalk games, even though they are extremely hard to win, grab some yummy fried oreos and enjoy the sounds of the ocean.

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