Get to Know Me – Childhood Stories

Hello there! Back again with my Get to Know Me series! Today’s theme is childhood stories, hope you enjoy these funny and odd stories!

Chocolate (Dirt) Girl

So if one thing has never changed throughout my 22 years of living its definitely my love for chocolate! My love for chocolate is so pure and never ending, a true bond that can never be broken. In fact my love for chocolate was (well, is) so big that one time my parents caught me with a face full of chocolate…but was it chocolate? No, instead my parents caught me with a face full of dirt that I had been eating from a our household plant. Apparently, I was convinced that the dirt was chocolate!

Dirt girl! Don’t mind the creepy doll doing a backbend behind me!


Santa’s on the Roof

Of course as a young child I believed in Santa therefore on christmas eve, I naturally went to bed early. Well, one christmas eve I was sleeping in my bedroom upstairs as the adults played cards downstairs. I heard a thump thump thump  on the roof and got immediately excited because Santa was here. I rushed down the stairs to share with my parents that Santa was here and that I heard him on the roof! Confused and puzzled they looked at me and said I ought to go back to bed. Shortly after those words came out their mouth we heard a large crash, looking out the window we saw a man stealing the light up Santa my parents placed on the roof. Definitely not very nice of that man to do, wonder if he got a lump of coal that year.

Trick or Treat

Trick or treat or trick & steal the treats? I was never much of a Halloween person. I didn’t really like the scary stuff and trick or treating wasn’t too fun for me as a shy child. What I did enjoy about Halloween was giving kids candy! One Halloween in particular I was standing outside my house because there were many kids in the neighborhood. I was giving everyone treats for saying “trick or treat” until these big kids came, stole the candy basket right out of hand and ran down the street with it. I immediately started crying, as many kids would do I’m sure. My mom came to hug me and everyone who saw was in complete disbelief. My neighbor from down the street came to me with a new basket of candy and assured me they didn’t get very far with the candy they stole because their bags ripped while they were running. Serves them right!

But why’d you steal my candy!?

I hope you enjoyed these quick short stories about my childhood! I dare you to continue the tag and share three of your childhood stories!


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