E.l.f Review

Hello there! I was in Burlington Coat Factory and came across the makeup section which I never payed much attention to until today. After looking through several color palettes and brands I chose this E.l.f primed & pretty because I absolutely adored the colors! This four piece set was only $4.99 which is a steal for makeup, if  it’s good of course. 

I really liked the packaging because it showcased exactly what was inside. Once I opened the package I liked how everything was neatly placed in its own compartment. 

I decided to follow the instructions of first applying the primer. When I opened the primer I realized the tube itself was very cheaply made. When I applied the primer it went on smooth and blended in making it look like I had nothing on, which is what primer typically does so that was a good sign. I went on and applied the base eyeshadow which I loved because it came out super pigmented on my hand, however on my eye it didn’t show up as much, very odd seeing that I applied the primer. I went on and applied the lid color and crease. After this I went to blend the colors, because that’s what you normally do, and all of a sudden all the pigmentation (or the very little I had on my eyelid) seemed to disappear forming a greyish color. Nonetheless, I applied the line color and after seeing how horribly that went I took the makeup all off and put the product away. 

I’m not sure if the eye shadows came out so badly on my eyelid because of the primer that came in the set or because it’s just not good eyeshadow. I just don’t get how eyeshadow can come out so beautiful on my fingers and horrible on my eyelid. Overall, I was very disappointed. I’m hoping to one day try these eyeshadows again but without using their primer; hopefully not using it will help it actually appear on my eyelid! Do you own any E.l.f products? How do you feel about them?


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