Lipstick Collection

Hello everyone! How’s it going? Today I want to share with you some of my lipstick collection, specifically focusing on 5 lipsticks!

First I want to talk about the famous Giorgio Armani lipsticks I have. The shades I have are the 300 and 516. The 516 is a more wine color and perfect for an evening look or perfect for fall and winter. The 300 is a bright orange red color that is perfect for summer and spring! I would highly recommend Giorgio Armani lipstick because they are long lasting, very pigmented, smooth, easy to apply and best of all they have a magnetic force that assures that the lipstick is closed.  You can find these lipsticks at Nordstrom for $37! 

Next I want to talk about a Clarins lipstick in shade Joli Rougr 731 Rose Berry. I love the packaging of this lipstick because it’s a bright gold and stands out amongst the black casings we often find. Much like the Giorgio Armani lipsticks, this lipstick is also long lasting and extremely smooth to apply. My favorite part about this lipstick as well is the scent! I know that may be a bit odd but the scent of this lipstick is berry like and I absolutely love it! You can get this lipstick at Nordstrom for $27. 

Looking for a matte pop of color? I’ve got it! Pop Beauty has created a Satin Rose shade that is very pigmented and gorgeous for spring and summer days! My only concern with this lipstick is the fact that it’s matte, and since its matte it leaves my lips feeling very very very dry and almost flaking. My key to using this lipstick is to apply a base of chapstick, the color won’t appear as matte but your lips will feel better. I got this lipstick from a Birchbox box however you can get it on eBay apparently for $9. 

Finally I want to talk about the adored Mac lipstick I have in Frost New York Apple. This lipstick applies very easily and is smooth. The color is very berry like making it perfect for night time or holiday seasons but that shouldn’t stop you from wearing it in the summer days. You can get this color at Macy’s for $17.

Let me know about any lipsticks you’re loving at the moment ! 


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