A Daytime Getaway

I live in New Jersey and here we have a place called Round Valley Reservoir, which is a delightful place with clear waters, picnic areas and a beach. Here, you can either take your boat on a trip in the water or rent out canoes or paddle boards. My boyfriend and I decided to spend our Sunday here. We brought a cooler with tons of water bottles, sandwiches, chips and cookies too. We also brought some games such as family feud, cards and my personal favorite, spot it.

We decided to avoid the crowded beach area and opted for the more secluded lakeside area. Once we got to our spot we laid out our blanket and towels and headed for the nice clear waters. We walked around the water looking at guppies, fish, snails and clams; we even skipped a few rocks. After exploring the water for a bit we got out and tanned then ate some lunch. After lunch we played some games and watched people boating, canoeing and paddling on by. We explored the water some more, tanned some more, played games and then packed our bags and left after about 5 hours of being there. It was a lovely trip and a great way to spend a sunny Sunday.


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