Get to Know Me – 20 Facts

Hey there! I’ve decided to start another series, this one is called Get to Know Me! Each Get to Know Me post will have some sort of theme and today’s theme is 20 random facts about me! I invite you all to try this tag yourself.

  1. My name is Bea, short for Beatriz
  2. I am 22 years old
  3. I have a 3 year old pomeranian that I absolutely love
  4. I am currently attending college
  5. I am Portuguese
  6. I want to travel
  7. I am known to be quite sarcastic
  8. I love dessert
  9. Chocolate is my favorite
  10. I enjoy cooking
  11. I like creating things such as paintings or crafts
  12. I am in a relationship (7 months, whoop whoop!)
  13. I live in America
  14. I would love to live in a beach town
  15. I’m really into interior design and houses in general
  16. I’m into working out
  17. I love watching YouTube
  18. I like iced blueberry coffee’s from Dunkin
  19. I admire photography
  20. Although it may be out of style, I still print out my pictures and put them in albums

I hope you enjoyed these 20 facts about me and try it out for yourself!


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