Hair Dye Experience

Okay, so at 22 years of age, I have finally decided that I needed change and by change I mean, I was finally ready to dye my hair! I’ve always always always loved the look of ombré, balayage and highlights, however I’ve always been too afraid to do it. Basically, although my love for these colored looks was grand I was afraid that I would either hate it on myself, it would come out horribly wrong or it would damage my hair tremendously!

After many years of staring at photos of beautifully colored hair I decided it was time I do it myself! One brave Thursday morning I called Salon Bangles and told them I would like to make an appointment to dye my hair with Kristin. Immediately the lady responded that I could have an appointment at 4 the following day. I said that worked perfect and hung up. Once I hung up, I turned into full panic mode! I was so nervous to color my hair that within minutes of making the appointment I was ready to cancel it! However, after talking to both my best friend and boyfriend I realized that I needed to go through with this and that everything would be okay.

The following day my best friend went with me to the appointment and was by my side throughout the whole experience. The hairstylist was extremely friendly and sweet and was filled with passion for what she did. In fact, she is so happy with what she does that before blow drying my hair she goes “ohhhhh I’m so excited” with a massive smile on her face. Once my hair was dried, I loved the way it looked and was amazed by how lovely the color looked.




My advice to anyone who’s been thinking of dying their hair but afraid, I’m going to tell you just go for it! The worst thing you can do to yourself is always wonder what you’d look like with the hair color you like. If you dye it and you do not like it that’s okay because hair grows back and now you know you don’t like the way it looks on you!



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