Essie Nail Polish

Essie Nail Polish is without a doubt a very popular and well known brand. Although it is well know, it is definitely one of the pricer nail polishes that you will find at your local drug store such as CVS or Walgreens. Typically speaking, Essie nail polish is set at the price of $8.99 however if you’re on a budget I would recommend going to a store such as Burlington or TJMax because they have Essie nail polish for much cheaper, up to half the price, so you can certainly save quite a bit by shopping at these stores. Just note, that stores such as Burlington and TJMax do not have such a variety in color however you can probably find something you’ll like. Today, I would like to share with you my  Essie colors!

Tuck it in my tux:

I was able to find this color at TJMax for $3.99 which is a lot cheaper than at a drug store! I love this color for summer because it is a light bright color. This color looks great as a manicure/pedicure and looks extremely amazing with a nice tan!


This color is obviously completely different from the one listed above but it is still such a lovely color! I will admit, I do tend to use this color a lot more in the fall or winter but it can also be used in the summer. I absolutely love how this color looks on my feet.

Topless & Barefoot:

Yet another beautiful color by Essie, this nail polish is a nice light pinky/beige color. I absolutely love this one, it’s probably my favorite. Once again this color looks great with a tan but even if you don’t have a tan it will still look amazing!

Hubby for Dessert:

This is my newest color to the collection. I was a bit iffy on getting it because it is so close in color to Topless & Barefoot and to  tuck it in my tux however I love these naturally light colors and therefore I had to get it. The difference in this color is there is a slight purply tone to it and once again I love it!


Once again, this color is a lot like the others I have but there is a very subtle difference which is that it is a bit more pinky then the others. This color is perfect for spring and summer


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