I Tried: Super Thins

Hello there! So yesterday I was in ShopRite and I came across the candy aisle where I saw a product called Super Thins. What really caught my eye was the part that said “brownie thins.” Now, I love chocolate and definitely love brownie so I was very curious to try these. So curious that I didn’t even read the rest of what was on the bag. I got home and realized this wasn’t just an ordinary brownie flavor but it also had cherry & sea salt. I thought to myself well I like cherries so this can’t go too bad. I tried the product and I got a cherry bit immediately and it was very sticky against my teeth and chewy, it also didn’t taste all that great. The sea salt chunks are so big that all I really tasted was salt. In case you’re wondering what other ingredients are in it there is: organic cane sugar, cherries, chocolate chips, butter, wheat four, organic cocoa powder, while tried egg powder, sea salt, tapioca starch, baking soda,  baking powder, and ground vanilla bean. 

Although this product is made with superfoods, which are good for you compared to many other things on the market, I was really not into it. Overall, I would not give this product another try. Let me know if you’ve tried anything new lately and enjoyed it!


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