A 5K Trek

Hey there! So I  just got back from doing a 5K run/jog/walk! It’s about 77 degrees here, 49% humid and there is a blazing sun and barely any shade where I went to run. I started off my run pretty well, felt good, couldn’t wait to beat my last time; about halfway through the first mile however, I got a sharp cramp in my right side. I tried to power through it even though  it was very difficult. I hit the mile mark and smiled because already my time for the first mile was better than the last however, my side pain was sharpening. I decided to walk for a bit to see if it would make the pain go away, it helped but once I started jogging again the pain would come. I took deeper breaths and walked at a fast pace and once the pain eased a bit I started running faster. By the time I hit the 2 mile mark I was convinced I wouldn’t do better than my last run that I did last week. I told myself however that I should keep going and so I did. I looked at the clock on my Runtastic app and I still had .6 miles to go and I was at about 28  minutes. I immediately became very determined. I ran and ran and finished at 36 minutes and 33 seconds, which does in fact beat my time from last week even if it’s only by a minute. How’s your 5K journey going? How’s your fitness going? Share any fitness tips and your achievements in the comments, I’d love to read them!

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