A Difficult 5K

So, I’m back again with a 5K update, the first one in over a month! Yes, that’s right, today I went on my first 5k in over a month and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. The weather was about 81, partly cloudy and with 65% humidity so that already made running difficult. As if that wasn’t enough, I kept cramping up in my stomach, I have a slight sore throat and my bottom left wisdom tooth is coming through with major aches and pains! Since I haven’t done a 5K in over a month, my breathing was all wacky, which it never was great to begin with, but I felt constantly out of breath today. Aside from how difficult everything was, I continued on, I refused to give up! I kept going and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t beat my best time which was actually the last time I ran, however I wasn’t too far from it which makes me feel good about myself. I’m looking forward to my next run! How’s your 5K going? Are you feeling well and working towards your goal? Let me know in the comments and keep on running!

The left is my last run, my best run, and the right is today.

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