Cheer Up Buttercup

Recently I had a pretty crummy day. Basically, I had a lot riding on passing an exam that I did not pass by 9 points. I was extremely upset by this, I mean in tears upset because this may put me back yet another semester in college because I won’t be able to do my internship. Although I was very upset, I knew there were several things I could do to cheer myself up.

Be With People:

As much as I did not want to be with or see anyone, my boyfriend did come over. The second he saw me he gave me a massive hug and just held me for awhile, which is definitely what everyone needs on a bad day. Secondly I realized he also brought me a medium sized ice dunkin blue berry coffee, which was amazing. He even brought 6 donuts, yes six, which I obviously cannot eat all on my own so I shared. Basically, although you may feel like you don’t want to be with anyone, being with people may be just what you need because you can have laughs and distract your mind for a bit. 


I’ve written about my favorite YouTubers before and basically what I did was just watch their episodes to cheer me up! I watched SacconeJoly’s, Zoë Sugg, Alfie Deyes, Marcus, Niomi, Gabriela, Sean and much more! Essentially, while watching them I’m so engaged on what they’re doing that I sort of become happy and forget about the negativity going on in my own life. I would definitely sugguest checking out my other YouTube post to learn more about the YouTubers I watch.


It may definitely be one of the last things anyone wants to do after having a bad day but working out can relieve a lot of the stress and built up anxiety.


After bad news or something bad happening in general, it’s important to grieve. Let it all out and then move on. Holding it in and acting like things are okay will certainly do you no good. Let it out and then do other things to help you feel better. 


Hug your pet, they know you’re upset. When my dog, Riley, realized I was upset and crying, she immediately layed next to me curled up into a ball and did not leave my side. 

If you have any other helpful tips on how to get over a bad day, please do share them below! 

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