Summer Essentials 

Wondering what it takes to have a good summer? Well let me tell you!

1. Good Reads

Weather it’s books you’re interested in or the latest fashion and gossip, a good summer starts with some good reads. Grab the book you’ve been interested to read or the magazines you’ve been piling up, head out in the sun and get your tan while reading.

2. Healthy Food

I know it’s easier to reach for the burgers and chips during the summer, but it is good to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Instead of the chips, make a fruit salad with Watermrlon, strawberries, honey dew, apple, pineapple, grapes! A lovely refreshing salad will make you feel great as well as tame your hunger for a bit.

3. Friends

Having good company can always boost your mood and make your summer that much greater!. As long as you are with great people you’re almost guaranteed some great memories and laughs. Grab some friends and make a picnic or have a nice pool day or BBQ.

4. Water

With the hot weather it’s important to stay hydrated. Whether you are going to the beach or a walk in the park, always bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated can help you from becoming fatigue and drained and getting those nasty summer headaches.

5. The Beach

A big summer favorite for many people is taking a trip to the beach! Go out there with a group of friends and either tan it up, play some sports in the sand or go surfing if you dare!

Bottom line, do what makes you happy so you can have a great summer! Enjoy and let me know what your summer essentials are.


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