Wine Bottle Vase

Looking for something to do with those old wine bottles? Or maybe you want a nice flower vase but don’t want to spend a fortune on one? How about you make your own!

What you’ll need:

  • an empty wine bottle
  • bucket of water
  • hot glue
  • twine
  • flowers

First things first, you need to grab your wine bottles, any bottles will do.


Once you’ve chosen your bottles, you’ll need to get the labels off; the best way to do this is by submerging the bottles in water for about 20 – 30 minutes. A key tip for this is to let the bottles soak as long as possible because it will make the paper peel off faster.


I put my two bottles in a large bucket filled with water, I also balanced a watering can filled with water on top just to hold the bottles up because they will float if you do not do this.

Once you’ve scrapped the paper off the bottles, it’s time to grab some hot glue and twine.


Simply wrap the twin around the bottle and every now and then hot glue some of it so it sticks in place. Once you’ve reached the desired height for your twine finish off the decorative twine by hot gluing the last part. Another tip I have is to cut some of the stringy bits off the twine so it doesn’t look so furry and messy.

Finally, add some flowers and bam! You’ve got a nice, simple and cheap vase. IMG_3991


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