So, I’ve never been much of a runner however recently I made a goal that I wanted to start running more. I downloaded an app called Runtastic which basically tracks how long you run, the route you take and number of calories you burned during that run.

For my first run, I decided to go to a local park and run 5K (3.1 miles). My first time I screenshotted how long it took me to run and it took me 39 minutes and 45 seconds however I forgot to stop the app so it went up to 41 minutes and 05 seconds. A week after that run, I decided to take the run again and I got a total of 36 minutes and 46 seconds. Although I only improved slightly, I did improve and I am very proud with my results.

If you want to try to get into shape I would suggest getting the app and going out for a 5K run. A 5k is a hard goal to achieve so no matter what your first time is, it’s amazing to even tackle the goal, especially for someone who never runs.


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