City Trip

Let’s face it, the big apple has tons and tons to offer, maybe a bit too much. It’s very easy to get overwhelmed with the massive list of things to do in the city therefore, planning a solid day trip is much easier than just waiting around looking for things to do. Recently, I myself took a trip into the city and enjoyed what it had to offer.

First things first, I went into the city with my best friend, we had a major “to do” which was to visit the Museum of Modern Art, I had never been and was intrigued. I began to ponder what could possibly qualify as modern art, is it weirdly strange vacuums? Cool funky chairs made of cans? The possibilities were endless I thought.


Immediately upon entering the building I was faced with art, this wasn’t the typical art of a sculpture or painting, but the art of someone laying on the floor (I kid you not). Once my best friend noticed this lady “fallen” on the steps she said, rather loudly, “is this art?!” which made me burst into laughter because I was astonished and slightly confused. We continued to walk throughout the museum that has 6 floors. Although that may seem like a lot, I found the place rather small, especially in comparison to The Metropolitan Museum.

IMG_2435There were many pieces of artwork to look at, some that I quite didn’t comprehend the meaning of or the message of but perhaps it’s just not my cup of tea. There were, however, many pieces of artwork that I did enjoy and found intriguing. Although the artwork itself in the museum wasn’t at all what I expected, I would highly recommend visiting this place if you are either into art or interested in seeing several people laying on the ground in different positions.


After the trip to the museum, our stomaches were rumbling so we decided to get a bite to eat at Serafina’s on Broadway. We ordered the margarita pizza and it was absolutely amazing! Between the two of us, we finished a whole pie. Once our bellies were full we decided to walk it off a bit in Central Park. For those of you who have never been, Central Park is absolutely massive and beautiful, filled with people walking, running, chatting. Central Park also offers lakes where you can ride rowboats in, bicycles to rent and a zoo. Once we walked around a bit in Central Park we hit 5th Ave to peek in stores such as Topshop, Zara and H&M. After so much walking we once again decided to treat ourselves to a meal of sorts, we decided to at Momofuku’s Milk Bar which was amazing!

IMG_2412I ordered the pretzel soft serve with hot fudge and chocolate chips. I kid you not, this was the greatest ending to a lovely day in the city. If you’re ever in the city hungry or looking for something to do, I would highly recommend going to the places I mentioned above.


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