March Birchbox

My best friend was kind enough to gift me a 6 month supply of Birchbox. For those of you who do not know, Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription that sends 5 high-end beauty products monthly to the front of your door. When you receive the Birchbox, you’ll notice it comes in a small pink box, inside there is a beautiful designed box that says “Birchbox” on the front and inside has tissue paper, a notecard about the products inside the box along with the products themselves. A monthly subscription to Birchbox is $10 there is also a yearly subscription option where you can pay $110 which allows you to get one month free of charge. Below is my personal review on the 5 products I received this month.


  1. TrèStiQue; color & smudge shadow crayon in Aspen Pine,
    When I first saw this item in the box I immediately thought to myself “oh great they forgot to put the cap on this product.” Funny enough, they did not forget to put the cap on the product for the cap to the product is shaped much like the eyeshadow itself. I found that this product’s overall look was very appealing to the eye and pretty quirky. I was excited to try this shadow crayon because I previously tried one from a different brand and it was a total bust. Once I tried on the shadow it went on extremely smooth, which was very surprising and satisfying. Overall, the texture of this product makes it to apply. The only downfall to this product would be the color, Aspen Pine. Since I am no beauty guru, I found it difficult to blend the shadow to make it look presentable. I also found that the color was a bit too dark for my personal preference however, I can completely see many beauty guru’s using this product for a night time look. As previously mentioned, the products that come in Birchbox are high end, therefore a full-size version of this product would be $26.
  2. Ren; Flash Rinse 1-Minute Facial
    Flash facial? Certainly not something that I’ve heard before but with the hustle and bustle of today’s busy society it makes sense to create a quick facial that will leave skin feeling fresh, clean and soft. This product is easy to use, all you have to do is apply it to your face, wet finger tips and massage the product in circular motion to activate the vitamin C in the product. When I opened the tube, a green soft gel like material came out. Immediately, I was a bit put off by the color but I decided to take a sniff of it (because why not), overall, I wasn’t too happy with the smell of the product.  I began to use to the product and it went on easily causing no burning sensations to the face (which is always a plus when it comes to facial products). I proceeded to rinse off the facial and apply my regular moisturizer. I soon realized my face felt a bit rubbery, yes, rubbery, after using the facial. I decided to reapply my moisturizer and then I noticed my skin went to being smooth again. Overall, the product did in fact revitalize my skin, making it look more dewy like and firm. Aside from the smell, I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a facial that is not only quick but makes your face look healthier and brighter. The full-size version of this product is $48.
  3. Marcelle; BB Cream Golden Glow
    I’ve never used BB cream before, but I have watched quite a few makeup tutorials on YouTube to know that it is a staple for some people. I was excited to see and try this product out for the first time ever. I began to open the BB Cream and apply it to my face. The texture of the cream was very smooth and easy to apply. The finishing look of the product gives a glowing slightly sparkling look that is great for the day time or night time. In general, the product is very easy to use and apply. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a light and airy BB Cream that leaves skin glowing. The full-size price for this product is $28.
  4. Not Soap, Radio; Body Wash- Liquid Freud
    When it comes to showers, I personally like body wash rather than soap bars; therefore this particular product fits perfectly for my everyday shower routine. Everyone knows that the smell of a body wash is very important so, I immediately opened the bottle and took a whiff, becoming instantaneously pleased with the smell. The scent of the body wash is coconut milk and mango which causes a warm calming affect on the body and soul. I tried the body wash and was pleasantly pleased with the amount of bubbles it created as well as with the overall affect it had on my skin. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to try a calming body wash that leaves skin feeling smooth. The full-size version of this product is $16.
  5. Montale; Intense Café
    I normally don’t stray away from my coconut body mists, however I was surprised to actually like this Montale perfume. The scent of the perfume is very rich and warm, overall it would fit for both day time and night time and definitely cause people to ask what you’re wearing. The full-size version of this product is $170.
    Although the products may be very pricey, I do believe that some of these products would be quite worth the big buck. If you aren’t already subscribed, I would recommend getting a subscription to Birchbox, even if it’s just for a few months so you could test it out or if you’re struggling to come up with an idea for a gift for someone, I would recommend either gifting them a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month subscription.

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