Inner Picasso

Feeling a bit bored? Creative? Or perhaps looking for something to do as a girls night out or a couples activity? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above (or even if you’ve answered no to all of the above) you may want to consider painting or paint classes.

Now don’t be frightened or turned off! To an average person with average or below average artistic ability, the thought of painting on a canvas either alone or at a class seems rather disastrous. I can guarantee you, it is not as difficult as it may seem.

IMG_2015When you walk into your paint class, you take a seat and in front of you will be a blank canvas with tracing paper hanging over it. Your first step will be to simply trace the image on the tracing paper. Once the tracing is complete, the tracing paper can be removed and on the canvas a sketch of your artwork will be shown. Easy enough, right? If you are doing this at home you will have to take the extra steps of tracing the image and then transferring that image onto your canvas.

Next, your instructor will more than likely explain each brush to you, informing you on when you may use specific brushes. Following those instructions you will more than likely outline your sketch in black using a very thin brush.

IMG_2014Once your outline is done, you’ll begin to work on the background of your painting. Again, the instructor will be there to inform you step by step on what to do, where to do it and how to do it, so no need to worry or freak out. If you are home alone trying this on your own, you too will want to start with the background.

With a few extra instructions from your instructor you will begin to add more and more colors to your painting.

IMG_2013Eventually, you will begin to work on the little details that bring the whole painting together; these details include shadows, reelections and blending of colors to make it look more realistic.

IMG_2012Finally, after a couple of hours, many brush strokes later you will have your final product that is ready to be hung up anywhere in your home.

IMG_2011As I said before, anyone is capable of doing this; there is no need to have years of experience to have a great painting!

Tips for canvas painting: 

  • When outlining your image in black, make sure to have the paint brush slightly wet so that the lines come out more smoothly
  • Don’t worry if the lines you are painting in black aren’t smooth and thin, after painting your background and the rest of the canvas, it won’t be noticeable
  • Don’t compare your painting to your neighbors painting or to the painting you are attempting to copy, everyone’s final product will always look slightly different
  • Blending colors is very important, you don’t want anything to look too harsh or unrealistic
  • Although it may feel strange, allow your hand to just flow freely; don’t be so stiff and try to make everything perfect
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your masterpiece

If you are located in New Jersey, check out: ArteVino or Wine&Design for locations near you that offer wine and painting classes.

IMG_1998(In the photo above, my painting is the left and my friends is the right as you see, they are slightly different and that is perfectly fine!)

Hopefully, this has inspired you to either go out and sign up for a class or go out and buy some art supplies to paint at home. Best of luck with your painting and remember to have fun and enjoy your time.



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