In the city and have some spare time? Perhaps a couple hours? A few hours? A whole day even? Well, if you’re looking for something to do, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is certainly a place to go.


This museum is filled with thousands of artifacts and is extremely massive. I can guarantee you that you’d spend hours simply walking around one exhibit enjoying all it has to offer.

IMG_1898.JPGOnce you walk into the massive museum you can choose which wing to start in, as you go through the wing you will encounter your first exhibit which eventually leads to many others. Overall, you can get lost in the maze of art.

IMG_1899Worried that you’ll get hungry while on this marvelous adventure? No worries! The MET offers several different dinning experiences such as the cafeteria, roof garden cafe and martini bar, the american wing cafe and others. Overall, this is a fun trip to take on your own, with friends, a significant other or as a family. Enjoy!

For more information on the MET visit: The MET Online



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