Healthy Quick Snacks

New year, new you? Perhaps, not, however maybe you have been thinking about ways to eat healthier. Healthy eating may be difficult because it is so convenient to go to a local vending machine while on the go or pick up and binge eat potato chips while watching TV. Although at times it may seem impossible to eat healthy, it is actually very possible and simple. Below are some simple quick and easy snacks to take either on the go or for at home.

First let’s start with the most simple and basic snack, an orange. Simply cut up the orange into slices and you can either eat it at home or place it in an container and take it on the go pre-sliced and ready to eat.


The second snack is a vegetable/fruit juice; this snack takes a bit more time to make however has major health benefits.

IMG_1809For this snack you will need spinach (about two handfuls), a banana, an apple, a kiwi and about 4-5 strawberries. First things first, wash the spinach, apple and strawberries. Once those are washed, cut off the green part of the strawberries and cut the apple into pieces then place them in a blender. Peel the banana and kiwi, cut those up and place them into the blender as well. Finally, add the spinach into the blender along with some water (add water depending on the consistency you like your juices). Blend all the ingredients until you have a smooth juice, pour into a glass or bottle and either drink it at home or take it on the go.


The final snack is a yogurt and granola snack. For this snack you will need low fat plain greek yogurt, granola, sugar and a banana. Simply take the yogurt and put it in a bowl. To that yogurt add half a teaspoon of sugar and mix around the sugar and yogurt (this is optional, however if you’ve ever had plain greek yogurt it can be a rather bitter without sugar). Next sprinkle the granola on top of the yogurt and add sliced bananas. Voilá, you have another lovely and healthy snack to eat!IMG_1813.JPG

Hope you enjoy these three quick and healthy snacks! Bon appétit!


5 thoughts on “Healthy Quick Snacks

  1. I love your super healthy smoothie recipe. Quick and healthy fix. Anything to promote healthy and happy living and eating is FAB. Happy cooking! x

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